Inside with Gray Cook: Episode 11 - Golf Swing and Deep Squat Pattern

Written by FMS Video

Gray believes if a golfer is not able to deep squat there is reason to be concerned. He explains that working on the deep squat can benefit hip rotation and ankle mobility in the golf swing. Gray stresses that just because you don't see a pattern in a sport, it dosen't mean that it is not important. 

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Inside with Gray Cook is a 13-part series where Joe Heiler from grabs an interview and in-depth tour of Gray's new clinic in his home town of Chatham, VA.

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  • author

    Tiger Woods 8/28/2012 7:13:03 AM

    When observing and assessing a golf swing it seems like it would be important to look at all the phases of the swing. I thing working on exercises that mirror the golf swing would be more effective and appropriate than a single plane squat. 

  • author

    Andy Watson 4/3/2013 3:39:31 PM

    I think what Gray is trying to say here is that the deep squat is a good assessment of lower limb function of which the golf swing puts huge amounts of stress onto. I agree that it is not specific enough to improve the swing technique itself but having the mobility to perform a deep squat sets a good foundation for the swing mechanic to be built on. Hip external and internal rotation are important if rotational torque is to be reduced in the lead knee during the swing. 

  • author

    Tucker 5/1/2014 3:32:29 PM

    Exactly.  Remember, the FMS is a screen!  Not a way to work out!  Everyone should be able to deep squat!  It's about taking your joints to their end range; why in the world would you not want to have that capability!!

  • author

    Anonymous 1/23/2017 3:21:52 PM

    You should train a squat pattern (if you can own it) in golf with the intent to increase angular power and velocity threw kinetic linking.  Larger more proximal musculature creating rotary momentum through sequential forceful contraction which is transferred through the distal limbs resulting in increased power and club head speed.  This is why if you increase your hip speed 1mph, your club head speed will increase ~27mph.  This kinetic linking principle is also why when you attempt to swing harder with more arms, you inhibit the transfer of momentum from the proximal muscles which ultimately decreases clubhead speed and shorter drives.  Soft hands..