Roundtable Discussion: Business and Training Insights to Help Professionals in a Remote Environment

Written by FMS FMS

In a time where we all are making pivots and adjustments, Eric D’Agati, Mike Deibler and Mike Perry share their approach to business and training.  In this roundtable discussion you can hear how each of them have taken on the challenge to change their business, training strategies and even how they are preparing for reopening. Each of these leading FMS certified professionals are creating solutions for their clientele based on their specific needs. Watch while they answer these key questions:    

  • How did you pivot your business when the doors closed for shelter-in-place?
  • What do online training sessions look like in your business and how do you set client expectations?
  • How have you adapted movement screens and training?
  • What are you doing to prepare for reopening?


This short bonus video includes exercises that each of these trainers started using to target a specific need in their remote training.





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