How Following the FMS System Made Me Look Like a Genius

Written by Mike Deibler FMS

My client Ken found me after listening to Gray Cook on a podcast explaining how the Functional Movement Screen works and why you should be using it in your program.  So, buying into the system was going to be a piece of cake when I first met with him. 

But before we went through the screen, we did our standard health history questionnaire.  During this investigation, we discovered a long list of issues and concerns Ken had.  I had also learned about all of the previous treatments, surgeries, and therapy sessions he had been to prior to meeting with me.  He previously had thoracic outlet syndrome and a scalenectomy.  This also resulted in neck pain and hip pain.   

He was ready to give something one last try so he could get back to his active lifestyle of kite surfing and mountain biking.  When you get such a list of issues, it can be incredibly intimidating to work with this individual. 

So I followed the process.  His initial screen was an overall score of 10 broken down into:

Luckily we had no 0’s so we had our training plan.  We focused on getting his ASLR to symmetrical 2’s and conditioned what we could. We just paid close attention to any movements that created pain and stayed away. We quickly saw his ASLR hit symmetrical 2’s within a few weeks and went to work on his shoulder mobility. 

He was feeling great, finally able to get a workout in and feel like he was treating one thing after another.  Plus, he was able to add more and more activity outside of the gym. 

We eventually saw his screen as follows:

Like I said, when he first came in and told me all of the concerns he had and his history, he wasn’t sure if I could help.  And I was 100% with him.  I told him I have no idea if I can get him where he wants to be, but I will do everything I can with the tools I have. 

Ken still has his issues, and some days there is pain that changes the program up.  But he can regularly exercise and do more of what he wants to do.  Trust in the system and follow as directed. It will make you look like a rockstar. 

Mike Deibler owns San Diego Premier Training, a private training studio in La Costa, Calif. As a former All-American track athlete at the University of Connecticut, Mike has always strived to be the best. He achieved a master’s degree in sport and exercise sciences from the University of Florida and continues to stay on top of the latest health and fitness research. Along with an extensive list of fitness certifications and education, he is also a certified sports nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition. In addition to serving clients, Mike works as the education director at Exercise Etc., an educated-based company that helps personal trainers, athletic trainers and physical therapists improve their skills, and he leads classes at Miramar Community College.



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