Move Well Challenge

Written by Diane Vives FMS

In this time at home, we are finding ourselves experiencing new levels of time on the  computer, on our smart phones and simply out of our routines.  If we are struggling to find a rhythm, you can imagine which of your clients are having a difficult time. Theseare the folks who depend on your interaction and your affirmation to stay accountable.  It is easy for them to be falling into that “slouch couch” position, collapsing over their computers and forgetting to simply add a variety of movements into their day. So, FMS has come up with a new strategy to help these clients we care about. Let’s do the Move Well Challenge!

The FMS gives us the opportunity to find the best starting point with our clients and identify opportunities to help them move better in a shorter amount of time.  For those that use the FMS as part of your system, you can already individualize your client’s stay-at-home program. The FMS Pro app works well to easily send them corrective and strengthening exercises in movement packages that are based on their movement needs. For those who may not have their clients’ latest Functional Movement Screen, we have our FMS Move Well Challenge!

We may be needing to spend time at home for the protection of our communities, but that doesn’t mean we cannot support and provide fundamental movement nourishment to our clients. Their bodies are hungry for mobility, stability and movement variety when they become less active, less motivated and less connected while spending longer periods at home. The FMS system prioritizes movement patterns based on the developmental sequence, making sure the most fundamental patterns precede more complex functional patterns.  Approaching our movement priorities in this way ensures the movement foundation does not have any weak links.  So, for this reason you will see that the first five fundamental movement patterns in the FMS movement priorities support healthy movement and a better movement foundation to build upon.

As humans, we learn to move and explore our environment from the time we are born. We have a developmental sequence of movement patterns that naturally develop to support more complex movements and abilities. These are the movements that will allow our clients to nourish their movements while at home and even better prepare them for returning to their favorite workouts, group training or sports goals. Not to mention, this will help them feel better in body and mind while spending so much time at home.  So here is our Move Well Challenge!

Movement quality is the goal and you can interact with them as you introduce these circuits remotely to motivate and continue supporting your client’s ability to move well from home.

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These circuits will give them five movement-based circuits they can complete 1-3 sets based on their needs and ability.  If you are not sure, start with one set and then add a set in the following week until they are performing three sets per circuit. Either have them perform these 5 days consecutively then take 2 days off, or if you feel they are up for the full Move Well Challenge have them rotate through these five circuits and complete one each day. Have fun motivating and supporting your clients at home and don’t hesitate to send them encouragement to “first move well, and then move often”. 

All exercises can be found in the FMS Exercise Library

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  • author

    Flint Personal Training (Melissa) 4/6/2020 1:59:32 PM

    Love the download! Thank you, Diane! Stay safe. :)

  • author

    Matthys Le Roux 4/6/2020 2:01:21 PM

    Hi guys. The link to download the chart seems to be broken.


    FMS 4/6/2020 2:02:49 PM

    The link seems to be working fine on our end, but here's the direct link for you to try:

  • author

    Liam Clancy 4/9/2020 2:17:49 PM

    HI Diane. great idea. Question. If i was to set up a movement challenge on the pro app so vid instructions is automatic. How would you do that? It would be great if you could have day one to 6 but also if you has the option of adding or deleting one section if not needed. Or say shoulder and ankle mobility day and things along those lines. any ideas


    Diane Vives, MS, CSCS, FMS 4/10/2020 6:18:30 PM

    Liam, thank you and good question! From your comment, it seems like you use the FMS Pro app and this is a great way to deliver the Move Well Challenge sessions to your client. If you go to the "Workouts" section of the app from your home screen you can create a workout using the exercises provided in the download from the article. You can save it as a template and then share it with as many clients as you would like. You can also, create a workout and modify it for the individual needs of a client and simply save the workout and assign it to that particular client with the modifications you chose. I hope that helps!