FMS Unplugged: Cook - ing the Swing - Episode 4

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Gray Cook and Jeff O'Connor join forces at the CK-FMS in St. Paul, MN to deliver some informative instruction on the kettlebell swing. Jeff explains the deadlift is the foundation for the swing, but the swing incorporates an athletic transition between tension and relaxation. 

Jeff advises that in order to get all the neurological benefits of the swing, you must be able to relax, tap the breaks and control your stability. A relaxed, smooth, athletic swing with great transitions should be the goal. People often make the mistake of going too hard too fast. 

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  • author

    Lateef Khursheed 5/11/2015 3:49:46 PM

    What is the  FMS perspective on weight lifting

  • author

    FMS Support 5/11/2015 3:52:25 PM


    If the body moves well, then yes do weight lifting to add strength and power to a solid platform.

    FMS Support