Roundtable Discussion: Practicalities of the SFMA

Written by Michele Desser SFMA

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Implementing the SFMA

Is it practical? How do you use it?

In this roundtable discussion, Michele Desser talks to three of our SFMA leading experts to discuss all things SFMA and how it integrates into clinical practice. 

Listen in as Michele, Mathew Moore, Josh Satterlee and Kyle Matsel provide their insights on incorporating the SFMA into your assessments efficiently, merging it with evidence based practice, communicating regional interdependence with your patients, and much more!

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  • author

    Brian Phillips 1/22/2021 4:48:24 AM

    Thank you for making this recording available! It was filled with very valuable information and it was nice to hear some encouragement and pearls of wisdom from these SFMA pros. It helped to tackle many questions/doubts that I had that I was using as "road blocks" for not trying to push myself to implement the SFMA more in my practice. Now I'm excited to see just how well the SFMA can make me a better clinician! Keep these recordings coming please!!

  • author

    VCCDCCCSP 3/24/2023 2:08:20 PM

    Great discussion, thank you! It certainly keeps us motivated to keep going, challenges us to keep learning, and to ultimately become better clinicians to keep our patients "Moving Well. Moving Often."