Whiteboard Talks: Breakouts Reveals the True Power of the SFMA

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

The SFMA is our healthcare model to assess people experiencing pain to gain a movement diagnosis.  Often, we see clinicians only utilizing the Top Tier portion, but that is not enough! The Top Tier tells you if they can or cannot move in a pattern, but it does not tell you why. The gold is in the breakouts.

For a long time, treatments were symptom-driven – or in other words, we chased the pain! The breakouts allow us to better understand why someone is not able to complete a movement and how it is creating stress in their system, possibly contributing to their pain. Is it mobility or motor control?  Is it the hip or the ankle? If you do not test, you are just guessing! 

Listen in as FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook uses regional interdependence to explain the rating and ranking of the SFMA and why the breakouts are the key element.   

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