Whiteboard Talks: Move Well. Move Often

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

Human movement is complex, but that doesn't mean our screen has to be. Visual, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems have vital sign screening that help us recognize if there is a problem.  We need to check the “vital signs” of movement before we consider how much we can stress the movement.  Screens tell us our next play - do we need to assess further or can we eliminate a test because they covered the minimum. We use this thought process with so many other systems of the body but movement is often overlooked.  

Move Well. This should be our foundation for every person we work with, no matter their fitness level. 

FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook explains why the FMS screen was developed and how it is giving us the “vital signs” for movement.

<== Video for sGQ815NN ==>

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