What the Screen is Really About

Written by Gray Cook FMS

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  • We have seen the Functional Movement Screen being used incorrectly.
  • People have tried to assume performance or diagnose medical problems with the screen
  • The FMS categorizes individuals into three groups:
  1. Individuals with medical problems
  2. Individuals with movement problems
  3. Individuals with neither medical or movement problems
  • We must practice the rule of thumb, "Protect Before Correct" 
  • Our first responsiblity is to stop our patient from getting worse (protect). 
  • The FMS is a red flag indicator 

This clip was originally posted as part of an interview on RdellaTraining.com.

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  • author

    Coach Berryhill 11/2/2015 2:04:43 PM

    Here's a novel thought...what's the chance that a movement screen score might IMPROVE with loading?  Particularly in an individual who carries a load as part of their daily activities (ex law enforcement officer, firefighter).  I have not seen any data on screen scores with and without loading.

  • author

    Steve 11/3/2015 8:21:40 PM

    The screen is to look at basic human movement. With load it would be a performance test. How much load? How much endurance is needed for that load? Doesn't load vary per person? It takes away the baseline. Load could also clean up movement by pre-engaging the core and essentially you would conclude the movement is clean when there are underlying issues. Get the basic information with the FMS and break that out however you like. Just my opinion, I'm not Gray. 

  • author

    Kyle Barrow 11/3/2015 4:18:22 PM

    Coach Berryhill,

    Great question ! Is it ideal no, does it happen yes !

    Some of the FMS test's may improve during the screening process. Having the body loaded during the screening does not challenge the ability to stabilize naturally, and actually aids this process. Remember, we are looking at fundamental movement patterns that are unloaded. By giving them a load, you are essentially building stability on a undeveloped foundation. If they don't have the stability without load, then create the best possible foundation to develop stability. 

    First Move Well. Create solid foundation for a movement baseline. Move often represents physical capacity or training and conditioning. This is where we load are individuals ! 
    Too many people are moving often, before moving well.

  • author

    Italo V 4/13/2018 1:11:12 PM

    What is the real purpose of the screen? It really seems like a not real definition. Detect tigness? Pain? Assymitris??