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Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2: Advanced Progressions (KB 2) is a follow-up to Kettlebells from the Ground Up: The Kalos Stenos. KB 2 provides information on philosophy, basic set-up, and advanced progressions based on the Get-Up. RKC instructors Brett Jones, Dr. Mark Cheng, and Jeff O’Connor guide you through mastering the Get-Up and achieving the ultimate goal of Kalos Sthenos (which means Beautiful Strength).

A strong correlation exists between the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Get-Up; therefore, the advanced corrections demonstrated in this DVD will help clean up your asymmetries and improve many of your movement patterns. 

DVD topics covered:

  • Gray Cook Commentary
  • Kalos Sthenos Review
  • Perfecting the Set-up
  • Shoulder Openers
  • Hip Openers
  • Bottoms Up Hip Openers
  • ½ Kneeling Set-up
  • ½ Kneeling Press Progressions
  • ½ Kneeling Windmill Progressions
  • Bretzel 2.0

Kettlebells From the Ground Up 2 Reviews

This DVD is a great addition to the first version and is loaded with informational gems. The group does a great job at explaining the details to get the maximum benefit out of every exercise. Regardless if you integrate corrective work into your programming or use kettlebells as pure training work this DVD gives the information to improve the quality for your clients to get the biggest benefit. This information on this DVD is also applicable from Professional Athletes in any sport to the general population.

-Darcy Norman,Fitness/Rehab Coach for the German National Soccer Team

I want to review to you an extremely valuable DVD and tool called Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2-Advanced Corrections. This DVD was performed by Brett Jones, Dr. Mark Cheng, and Jeff O’Connor. This is a step in the progression from the Kalos Sthenos 1 DVD set performed by Brett Jones and Gray Cook.
In the Kalos Sthenos 1 DVD and video progression, in my mind, it went on the progression of using the Turkish Get Up as a very valuable evaluation tool toward asymmetry and how to work on each specific step of the Turkish Get Up towards the goal of fluidity and balance.  Also included in the KS1 DVD are very valuable information and drills that I have personally seen do wonders for Shoulder Mobility & Stability as well as Rotary Stability. It is a great way to use kettlebells to help clean up movement patterns.

The Kalos Sthenos 2 DVD takes the Turkish Get Up to another level. It very nicely reviews the Turkish Get Up and involves some more progressions to help open up the shoulder (mobility).  What is the gem of the KS2 DVD is the Active Straight Leg Raise progressions/Hip Mobility drills. These set drills do a fantastic job of working on the FMS Active Straight Leg Raise and Rotary Stability movements.

The small drills alone I have seen with my own eyes do wonders on improving hip mobility, ankle mobility, as well as making a huge impact on clients ASLR and RS scores. Plus it is a type of Reactive Neuromuscular Training needed to help improvements to stick.

In my professional recommendation, I HIGHLY suggest that you purchase this video as it will do wonders for your patients and clients with kettlebell experience. The drills in here can be done in a personal training format, in a class/team type setting as a warm up/cool down or FMS break, and also as something that the client or patient can be sent home with to do daily if they have kettlebells at home. It will make a DIRECT impact on your clients and how efficiently they move.

-Mark and Nikki Snow, Owners of SG Human Performance


I work in the trenches everyday helping people recover from pain and injury. It is my responsibility to ensure clients achieve optimum function and efficient movement so they become empowered to do what they love better. I rely on the best educational tools to help me achieve those goals. Kettlebells From The Ground Up 2 is an essential tool in my rehabilitation corrective exercise program and transitions into fitness training. It has become my number one ‘go to’ resource for regressing and progressing kettlebell movement patterns. This DVD is jam packed with ‘Technique Pearls of Wisdom’ that teach you precision and control cues for maximum benefit.

The program has a nice refresher section at the beginning demonstrating a proper Turkish Getup, which helps set the foundation for understanding and applying more challenging progressions. The ‘Shoulder Opener’ segment contains techniques to increase mobility and stability for one of the most notoriously dysfunctional joints of the body. They discuss ‘proprioceptive center’ in relationship to joint and scapulae control which have a tremendous effect on the kinetic chain of movement. The connective  fascial sling system of the body is positively affected with the positioning and subtle cues demonstrated in the Advanced Arm Bar exercise. The Arm Bar has proven to be one of the most powerful movements in regaining upper body balance for my clients.

The ‘Hip and Half Kneeling’ segments demonstrated techniques to improve the active straight leg raise, increase mobility in the hip joint and integrates ankle and shoulder stability to proper hip function. The spiral line and cross body fascial pattern demonstration is a powerful example of interconnected movement patterns. I took away some very helpful hints on noticing easy to miss compensation patterns in the half kneeling position with the different camera angles. I discovered some uses for the kettlebell in half kneeling I never thought of that can make fast changes in client stability.

Kettlebells From The Ground Up is a must have DVD for your continuing education library!

Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA,

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    Richard 4/13/2012 1:42:16 PM

    The sneak peek is great.  I am definitely going to run this DVD by the wife (the gym co-owner who makes the decisions, lol) as a purchase.  Thanks for the suggestion!