FMS in Equestrian Sports

Written by Michele Desser FMS

Dr. James Spencer, DC, ATC, FIAMA, has introduced Functional Movement Systems to the equestrian community. With this system, he evaluates and optimizes riders' movement patterns, facilitating effective communication among athletes, coaches, and FMS-certified professionals globally. This approach identifies movement concerns, supports injury prevention strategies, and enhances overall performance in the unique context of equestrianism, 1 owcasing the versatility of FMS beyond traditional athletic settings.
We love to see our family of certifieds succeeding and thank Dr. Spencer for sharing his unique experience!
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    Brian Schwager 7/1/2024 10:25:11 AM

    Wow, great interview. It's nice to finally hear that someone besides myself has used the FMS and SFMA with "Equestrian" athletes. The FMS and/or SFMA is absolutley essential for this athlete. Yes. Equestrian riders do need a seat deal of athleticism. Like Dr. Spencer said, the horse mirrors the rider. If the rider is out of balance, the horse is out of balance. I seen this play out while colaborating with the riders horse trainer, chiropractor and bodyworker. I wrote an article and did a seminar for those in the Equestrian fields. I would like to connect with Dr. Spencer and share what I have learned working with this occupational athlete. Regarding injuries with pickleball players here in Florida, they are on the rise. My observation is there is lack of sport preparedness and no FMS. I always say 'The more you prepare, the less you despair." Thanks for sharing this interview Michele, :)