» Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar

Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar

This is an upper body chop PNF pattern that helps develop trunk and lower body stability, upper body strength and rotary mobility executed from a half kneeling stance.

Body Parts Targeted: Single LegAnti-RotationalDouble ArmUpper BodyDiagonal Lower BodyPNF PatternDynamic Motor ControlStatic Motor ControlTransitional

Starting Position: Half Kneeling

Set up in a half kneeling position so that the hips, knees, and ankles form a 90 degree position on both the left and right sides; the stance width will vary from 0-8 inches apart. The head should be and remain in a neutral position throughout the exercise. Once the beginning position has been accomplished, grab the cable bar with both hands and place the top hand at the top of the cable bar. With the down hand, begin to pull the cable bar down keeping it close to the chest until the arm is straight. Then take the top hand and press it down until the arm is also straight. It is important for the cable to be in line with the top arm, develop a rythm overtime, and to maintain balance during this exercise. 

29 - Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar.Still001.png29 - Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar.Still002.png29 - Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar.Still003.png