90/90 Breathing Position

This exercise or technique is used to teach and train diaphragmatic breathing with knees elevated to the 90/90 position.

Begin in the supine posture by positioning yourself face up so that your back is on the floor with the feet on a wall, so the knees are bent to 90 degrees and the hips are bent to 90 degrees.  Neck and spine should be “neutral” and comfortable. Place one hand on the upper chest and one hand on the lower abdomen. 
  1. Take a nasal inhalation and exhalation.
  2. Nasal inhalation should be a low, slow 3 seconds 
  3. Then a brief pause
  4. Nasal exhalation should be slow and full 4-6 seconds 
  5. Then a longer pause (2-3 seconds)
  6. Then the next breath cycle
  7. The air should expand the lateral portion of the stomach pushing your hands out.

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