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Apr 27-28, 2024, Cherry Hill, NJ

This is a 2-day live event. The registration to this live course includes access to the SFMA Level 2 Online Course.

What is the SFMA Level 2?

The SFMA Level 2 Online Course provides a systematic approach to efficiently use your SFMA findings to guide interventions - addressing both mobility and stability/motor control dysfunctions. It picks up where the Level 1 left off with a focus our 3 R's approach - Reset, Reinforce, and Retraining - to restore proper movement. The primary focus of Level 2 is to complete the local biomechanical examination process, but also to empower participants with confidence to successfully integrate motor control techniques into their clinical practice.

You will leave with a clearer understanding of treatment for Stability and/or Motor Control dysfunctions. Additionally, reset and reinforcement ideas will be discussed to allow the participant to gain a greater understanding of the clinical application of the model.. 

What to Expect at the Live Course

Most of the live SFMA 2 course is spent in practical sessions. Participants are taught with demonstration and then given ample time to practice in small groups, with opportunities to ask questions as material is covered. This framework ensures they are comfortable integrating the concepts immediately into their clinical practice.

Comfortable clothing you can move freely in is recommended.

Key Course Take-aways

  • Master our 3 R's approach - understand when and where you should Reset, Reinforce or Retrain.
  • Mobility restriction, no problem.  Learn how to distinguish between a joint restriction and a tissue restriction.
  • Understand the research behind training the brain to restore proper movement with motor control techniques.
  • Integrate motor control techniques into your clinical practice with examples of corrective progressions for each SFMA pattern.
  • Take your clinical practice to the next level with this comprehensive strategy to address movement dysfunction from diagnosis to proper treatment.

SFMA Level 2 Online Course Included

SFMA Level 2 Online is now provided as a resource prior to attending the event.  It is strongly recommended to view the Introduction to Mobility and Motor Learning sections prior to your event. Viewing the Virtual Course Sections in the Online Course is not required. All content will be covered in the live event. It can be utilized as a resource post-course. 

Please note:  SFMA Level 2 Online becomes available at the time of course registration and the cost ($1,095) is nonrefundable. 

CEU Information

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  1. SFMA Level 2 - Advanced


The Training Room of Cherry Hill
2005 NJ-70
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
United States

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Courses & Days

  • SFMA

    • SFMA Level 2 - Advanced (15 hrs)
      Saturday, April 27, 2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      Sunday, April 28, 2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      Instructor:  Anthony Vittese - SFMA Instructor
      Cost: $1,095.00

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