Whiteboard Talks: No More Pain? Function is Our Focus

Written by FMS FMS

The tools of Functional Movement Systems – FMS, SFMA, FCS - are designed to interact together.  Many times, an individual enters the system from a clinical side – meaning, they have pain!  We use the SFMA to identify what in their movement patterns may be contributing to stress in their system and allow us to provide an effective intervention.  But when the pain is gone, are you done?  The answer is a resounding "no."

The goal of the SFMA is to get to the FMS – to get to a higher level of movement testing to return to an active lifestyle. As Gray says, “If all we use is the sensation of pain as our discharge criteria, then the restoration of function didn't get a priority.” 

Join FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook as he highlights why the interplay of the system is important to maintain movement durability throughout life.  

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