Whiteboard Talks: A Look at the Toe Touch Progression

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

It is easy to view the toe touch progression as a “magic” solution to improve hip hinging, but it is the “pearls” within the progression that are the magic.   
First, we need to be aware there are two important aspects of this progression that require two different approaches: 
  1. Understanding what is physiologically happening in the toe touch
  2. Being able to coach or communicate the pattern to your client 
In this Whiteboard Talk, FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook illustrates the “why’s” of the toe touch progression and shares the “how to’s” of coaching it.
<== Video for esDVR5Tg ==>
Now that you have the "why" behind the toe touch progression, watch Gray as he demonstrates a coaching session.
<== Video for DdSmCfAN ==>

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