Are Your Athletes Really Ready to Return to Play?

Written by FMS Video

The number one predictor of injury is previous injury.  

In this presentation from the first annual International Sports Physical Therapy Congress, Dr. Michael Voight discusses how traditional measures such as pain, range of motion and strength are not enough to make the decision to return to activity. We need to consider movement as a whole.  We move differently after injury and this must be addressed.

The Functional Movement Screen helps us identify the movements of concern and asymmetries with movement that have been shown to influence potential of re-injury. 

It’s a screen to separate rocks from dirt. Everything that is a 0 or a 1 that’s a problem. 0 is pain, 1 was significantly dysfunctional. Everything else will fall through the cracks. We are not saying they’re perfect, there is still potential for impairment there. It’s just that these are not the big ticket items we are looking for.

Listen in as Dr. Voight explains how a Functional Movement Screen and a Y-Balance Test are necessary steps in safely returning athletes to the field at their highest level of function.

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