Discussion Group: How the Screen Influences Exercise Decisions

Written by FMS Discussion Group Series

The Functional Movement Screen provides us with information on how the individual we are working with is moving.  It sets us up to make the best programming decisions for that individual. But what exactly does that mean in practical terms? Why are certain movements in the screen?

In this discussion group, Brett Jones, Education Director for StrongFirst and lead instructor for FMS, led us through examples demonstrating the application of the screen results to programming decisions - how it works, why it is an important part of programming, and how you progress. This discussion ties together the importance of screening to your client's fitness goals so as professionals we can understand and make the most appropriate decisions for that individual.

If you weren't able to join us, or you'd just like to watch again, enjoy this recorded session filled with valuable insights and tips. And be sure to check our course listing for more Discussion Group Series opportunities to join in live!

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