» SFMA Level 3

»Course Prerequisites

FMS Level 2, SFMA Level 2, Y-Balance Test

»Course Description

This 3-day seminar is a unique continuing education experience involving a variety of lectures, interactive learning sessions, case study presentations and clinical scenarios. Learn from experts who have developed and conducted research on aspects of the entire system. This seminar is designed for the healthcare provider who has taken each component of the Functional Movement Systems professional training and would like to put it all together.

Topics to be covered include clinical application of the SFMA, details of recommended mobility techniques, clinical progression of motor control exercise from the 4x4 matrix, and details of motor control dysfunction. Additionally, we will cover tips on successful implementing all aspects of the Functional Movement System into your setting. How to effectively communicate the system to a variety of stakeholders including, patients, coaches, referral sources etc. Up to date research related to the system and implementation from treatment to appropriate discharge testing to prevention strategies will be covered in an adult learning format.

»Course Objectives

  • Describe how each portion of the Functional Movement System fits together and when and why to apply each including the FMS, YBT and the SFMA
  • Effectively communicate key aspects and goals of the system to stakeholders such as coaches, payers, physicians and patients.
  • Synthesize the principles of the Functional Movement System and understand different methods to apply these principles.
  • Articulate findings from key research studies that support the use of the system as it relates to prevention, rehabilitation, discharge testing and performance enhancement.
  • Describe key aspects of performing mass testing for injury screening and prevention.