» SFMA Level 2

»Course Prerequisites

SFMA Level 1

»Course Description

In the Level 2 SFMA seminar, you will spend two full days focused on interventions designed to compliment the SFMA findings. The majority of the course will be dedicated to the demonstration and application of the 4 x 4 exercise matrix and the neurodevelopmental progression it follows. Key motor control oriented exercise progressions are provided for each top tier movement pattern assessed within the SFMA.

You will leave with a clearer understanding of treatment for Stability and/or Motor Control dysfunctions. Additionally, reset and reinforcement ideas will be discussed to allow the participant to gain a greater understanding of the clinical application of the model.

»Course Objectives

  • Synthesize the concepts from the 3 R’s and integrate them into routine patient care.
  • Describe the mechanism behind Resetting techniques and when to apply them in routine patient care.
  • Appreciate the importance of Reinforcement techniques and education as it relates to routine patient care.
  • Apply motor learning principles as they apply to restoration of functional movement patterns.
  • Apply the concepts of the 4x4 Exercise Matrix including the use of pattern assistance through resistance.