» FMS Level 2

»Course Prerequisites

FMS Level 1

»Course Description

The Functional Movement Screen Level 2 Seminar complements the Level 1, with an emphasis on programming based on an individual’s screen. The Level 2 Seminar begins with an in-depth discussion regarding different aspects of the screen and common mistakes during the administration of the screen. Following this discussion, each individual then administers a screen along with having themselves screened by another attendee. This creates the baseline for correcting screens throughout the seminar.

The next discussion focuses on interpreting the screen and learning the algorithm to determine whether someone has a mobility or motor control restraint based on their dysfunction. To elaborate, each of the seven tests within the screen are broken down and explained to assist in understanding proper exercise assignment. This seminar is a highly interactive: from movement screening to demonstration and execution of exercises.

For each test within the screen, the exercise progression is as follows: mobility, static motor control, dynamic motor control, and lastly strength. This progression assists in determining where an individual needs to be within their exercise program and which corrective exercises, if any, should be assigned in order to push clients to the best of their ability. This course also explains essential corrective exercises such as chopping and lifting, deadlifting variations, and rolling. Lastly, this seminar finishes with a group discussion on program design with regards to screen scores.

»Course Objectives

  • Troubleshoot common mistakes made when administering the screen
  • Determine whether someone has a mobility or motor control restraint
  • Understand how different tests of the screen can be related
  • Learn corrective and essential exercises
  • Comprehend how to assign proper exercises based on an individual’s screen
  • Implement corrective exercises into program design
  • Determine which patterns should be trained and corrected