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Published on 1/21/2015 by Gray Cook in FMS Pod Casts


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  • If the central nervous system does not recognize created normalcy, then this normalcy does not hold value. 
  • If movement is “clean” and the client/patient is still not moving well (no range of motion deficiency, no indication of tight muscles, etc.), then this demonstrates a stability problem.
  • Stabilizers can never be stronger than prime movers, so they should never be trained like prime movers.  
  • If prime movers attempt to act as stabilizers, you will observe poor alignment, inappropriate pelvic tilt, valgus collapse, pronation, rounded back, etc.  (the lack of stabilizers working properly)
  • In regards to frequency, practice Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) as much as possible.
  • Once the FMS identifies the weakest link, working on any other link will not effectively change the strength of the chain.  “Hammer the weakest link.”

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