» FMS Unplugged - Episode 1: Cook-ing the Brettzel

Published on 5/21/2012 by Melissa Laughlin in FMS Corrections

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After so much interest in the Brettzels this past week, we had Gray do an impromptu video in the FMS studio and demonstrate how to get the most out of the Brettzels. Not only does it have impressive results, but it also has an intriguing name and history. 

Brettzel Defined:

The Brettzel is a total mobility exercise for the quadriceps, hips, piriformis, glutes, low back and thoracic spine that will aid in improving shoulder limitations. 

Want More Brettzel?

Learn more on the Brettzel in Kettlebells From the Ground Up and follow up with the Brettzel 2.0 in Kettlebells From the Ground Up 2.





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